The beginning of Christopher Mac Productions

14 11 2010

Why start a company?

It’s a question all businesses faced at some point. Something has to say to the founders or owners, “I want to start a business”.

I thought it might be interesting to share the reason for the birth of Christopher Mac Productions. To be fair, it all started in a little town named Red Hook. I have a very vivid memory of my first time using iMovie in a video production class I took with a few friends. Truth be told, I didn’t think it would be love at first sight, but it was. If a video camera feels just right in your hands, there is no escaping it.

From that day on, video was one of the most interesting and fascinating things I could get wrap my hands around. Between the daily changes in technology and improvements in video capabilities, there was always something new to learn. Then came college…

When I started college at Marywood University, I didn’t go into Digital Media (which is where I would end up). Instead, it was my passion for theater that called me. That lasted all of one year. Some might say I left because the reality hit that I wasn’t going to make money in theater. They wouldn’t be lying. It wasn’t, however, the only reason. The concept of having Digital Media, specifically video, in my life was still tugging at me. And it won that battle of tug and war. Long story short, I joined the Digital Media program at Marywood.

One of the greatest advantages of this program was the access to equipment. Truth be told, most people didn’t use it to their advantage…so I did. I had a chance to play with the tools that make video so fun, that make it so useful and most importantly, make it so powerful. I developed a passion that I can’t explain in simple words. I can simply say, it’s a passion I hold to this day. Still, I didn’t have the attention of starting a company to make some extra money on the side and weekends…that wasn’t in my plans, yet.

It wasn’t until I found myself constantly being asked to tape events on campus for everything from political clubs to bands to concerts…but even then, I didn’t think about possibly pursuing it any other way then pure enjoyment. It wasn’t until one of my professors, Mrs. Mary Beth Holmes, asked me to tape her family member’s wedding. It was a big honor and I was thrilled to be a part of it. I had taped weddings before, but to have the faith of your teacher to do it is meaningful no matter how you look at it. She joked I could make some good money doing this for a living, but I put no thought to it. I taped the wedding, got paid and thanked her for the opportunity.

In the end, it wasn’t until a good friend of mine said…and I quote “Why don’t you just start your own company already?,” that I actually thought…wait, that could work. And I did it…simple as that. Something clicked, this is a good idea and I went with it. Over the years in my program and working with others to tape weddings, I had developed the required skills do so, why not use them? With the help of some money from my grandmother upon graduating, the dream became a reality.

So here I stand today…it’s a part-time business, but one I take pride in. As far as I’m concerned, the skies the limit.


Equipment Update and a Wedding

17 07 2010

It’s about this time of year that we at Christopher.Mac get some updated equipment. This year was an exciting year as I felt it was needed to update some of our audio equipment, so it’s new microphones (both shotgun and lav). It’s safe to say not every groom is comfortable wearing a lav, but it’s one of the best ways to get vows if the Groom does indeed agree. It’s important to remember that not all ceremony locations have a proper sound system or any sound system at all for that matter. People also underestimate the importance of a good shot gun microphone. That $50 one you bought at Best Buy does not compare to the $700 plus shot gun mic you’ll find at places like B&H Video and other refutable retailers.

Of course, the other purchases aren’t anything spectacular, just some new filters (which can make a big difference depending what you’re shooting for those unfamiliar with filters), as well as new tripods, updated cables and a new video deck.

I’ve never been afraid to say we’re a small company. We do 5-7 weddings a year for a reason, it wouldn’t be fair to do more because the man power isn’t there. This doesn’t stop me from putting the money we’ve made directly back into improving the quality of video we provide, as well as the quality of service.

Looking forward to using some of this new equipment I’ve mentioned today as we prepare for another wedding at 3:30 PM today. It’s a beautiful day for a wedding here in Scranton, PA. I’ll share some screenshots of the wedding in a week or so. I plan on continuing this trend with any weddings I do in the future for the most part (albeit, with the bride and groom’s permission)

Testimonial/Web site update

2 07 2009

While we will continue to add to the “Testimonial section” as we hear back from past clients, I thought it only appropriate to keep all potential clients in the loop in regards to the additions that have been added recently.

If you check out the services we offer, you’ll find quite a few options. We’ve since reached out to someone from each area of those services and are continuing to hear back. For the time being, you’ll find testimonial in regards to our wedding services, VHS and DVD transfers, as well as documentary and performances.

I’m also excited to announce that work has officially begun on the web design for our official site, coming sometime before the end of the year in all likelyhood. The web designer himself is a close friend and someone who we will be working with to develop some bigger projects(more about that in the future). Thank you to¬† Eric Ignatowski for the work he’s already put in.

As useful as this word press is, the creation of a web page is very important to us and we look forward to announcing it’s launch sometime in 2009.

9 04 2009

As we begin to work on the long overdue website, it was about time Christopher.Mac Productions got some sort of web presence. That being said, welcome to our Word Press.

Over the course of the next few weeks, tune back in for updates on the wedding front, what we’re up to and the world of videography as a whole. Soon to be brides and grooms can also check back as we’ll chime in on the wedding industry as a whole throughout the year.

If it’s your first time checking our Christopher.Mac Productions, make sure to check out the “Why Christopher.Mac” and “Testimonial” sections. Our wedding packages are also listed and more of our services will be posted soon(possibly tomorrow).

Otherwise, thanks for checking out the new site and feel free to contact us via the information provided on the “Why Christopher.Mac page”.